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Five Things Jesus Wants YOU to Know from His Great Commission

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cross sun fullIn Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus give us the Great Commission. We have looked at the Great Commission from several perspectives in previous blogs. When you get right down to it, Jesus simply means what he says: “go and make disciples.” It cannot be much clearer. Jesus had gathered his earthly followers to speak to them for the last time before he ascended to heaven. We know that someone who is speaking for the last time is going to convey truths of utmost significance, right?

Right! So Jesus’ last words on earth pronounce five eternally significant truths he wants to make sure YOU know:

  1. Since a mandate is a command given by an authority, Jesus wants YOU
    to know that He is the ultimate authority in the universe. His authority
    is given by his father God who created this universe. Jesus is the
    King of kings, Lord of lords, the authority of all authorities. He has
    demonstrated his pre-eminence in his virgin birth, perfect life, death,
    resurrection, and ascension.
  2. Jesus wants YOU to know that He expects ALL his disciples to join God’s mission
    to redeem the world. With his last words on earth, Jesus was not
    suggesting, not asking, not pleading, but commanding every follower
    to make disciples of every people group on earth. Ethnos, the Greek
    word used here, is not correctly translated by the word “nations,” as
    commonly quoted from the King James Version of the Bible. It actually
    translates “people groups.” Traditional missionary organizations
    have defined people groups as ethno-linguistic groups. Curt Watke,
    Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry, reminds us that these
    groups can be more fluid, consisting of those who perceive themselves
    to be members of the same social category— nationality, race,
    ethnicity, social class, occupation, gender, religion, affinity, lifestyle,
    etc. Their identification with the group provides them emotional and
    value significance. 1
  3. Jesus wants YOU to know that YOU must go to the world. According to
    the Great Commission, it is not his plan to win the world by getting
    people into our church buildings. We will win the world by getting the church
    into the world. The redemptive mission of God previously delivered
    through the chosen people of Israel is now being handed to every believer
    regardless of culture.
  4. Jesus wants YOU to know that we should baptize those who follow him.
    Why would Jesus command us to do something as theologically
    controversial as baptizing disciples? Because baptism is the way we
    proclaim to the world that we are Jesus’ disciple. Baptism dramatically
    portrays the death and burial of self and the resurrection to new life in
    Christ. Jesus clearly does not want his disciples to follow him in secret.
    Baptism is a public act of discipleship that symbolizes all it means to
    follow Christ. And he commands us to make it a priority.
  5. Jesus wants YOU to know that he expects YOU to teach disciples to obey his commands. There can be no discipleship without obedience to Christ’s Biblical commands.

Now you know… so GO!  — Mark Powers

Curt Watke, “Understanding Your Missional Culturescape: a white paper on defining
“people groups” for mission and ministry,” http://www.missionalcyclopedia.org.


Author: Mark Powers

Worship Pastor, Riverland Hills Baptist Church, Columbia SC - April 1, 2018 to present Former Director, Worship and Music, South Carolina Baptist Convention, Columbia SC: 2008 - 2018 Author - "GOING FULL CIRCLE: Worship that Moves Us to Discipleship and Missions" - www.GoingFullCircle.org (Resource Publications, Wipf & Stock, Eugene OR, 2013) President, www.WorshipWise.com - Empowering YOU for Powerful Worship Leading! Presenter/Speaker on the MusicArts Mission Movement (M3). To contact MP about presenting or speaking for your conference or training event, e-mail mark@riverlandhills.org or call 803-640-9037. I would love to come and share how your worship ministries can join God on mission in your community!

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