Growing Worshiping Disciples on Mission for Christ

Leading Through Change: Step Five – Create a Detailed Strategy

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Signs of Change

Then I said to them, “You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem
lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come,
let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be
in disgrace.” I also told them about the gracious hand of my
God upon me and what the king had said to me. They replied,
“Let us start rebuilding.” Nehemiah 2:17–18, NIV

Gather those who respond positively to the Leadership Team recruitment process presented in the last blogpost. People tend to support what they help create. In your first meeting, involve your leadership team in seeing the missional vision and creating a written plan. Here are three necessary steps in this leadership process:

1. Write a vision statement

A vision statement is a verbal snapshot of the dream God has given you. Leadership gurus will direct you to write a mission statement before you write a vision statement. But our mission has already been given to us in the Great Commission: to grow worshiping disciples on mission. How has God called you to fulfill that mission in your community? Answer with a compelling statement in dynamic language to give the best possible word picture of the vision.

2. Develop SMART goals.

Goal-setting is a must if you are going to achieve your vision. When it comes to setting goals, our normal pattern of life tends to be: I set unreachable goals; I procrastinate and then self-criticize; pressure builds inside and outside of me as I fail to work toward my vision; I abandon the vision and go back to living the same old way. New Year’s resolutions seldom work because they follow this pattern. We must be smarter when we set goals to achieve our vision. Developing SMART goals is the smart way to lead through change into action. SMART goals fulfill this acrostic: S = Specific; M = Measurable; A = Attainable; R = Relevant; T = Time Specific.8

3. Win with action plans.

An old cliché says: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Did you know that wasting 30 minutes a day will add up to 11 days wasted every year? You could use those extra 11 days to lead a mission project this year. As you pursue your smart goals, continually ask, “What’s important now?” and then, “What’s important next?” Your answers to those two questions will help form your action plans.

Here is a worksheet to help the team develop a detailed strategy:

Worksheet: Develop your Mission Vision Statement.

From (month/year)__________ to _____________, I will lead my worship ministry to “meet people at their point of need in our community on a regular basis to build relationships that lead to witnessing opportunities” by doing these things: _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Develop a SMART Goal (Specific/Measurable/Attainable/ Relevant/Time Specific).

I will lead my worship team to present a mission project in my community at the location of _______ ___________________________, on these dates ____________________________________, using the artistic medium of_______________________________________. Our goal is to have a total of ______ people participate at least once from the community. We hope to have an average weekly attendance of ______ with whom we will build relationships. We will present the gospel to them in these ways_ ___________________________________________________________ _____________.

We pray that _____ people will accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

Develop an Action Plan to WIN (What’s Important Now? What’s Important Next?)

Resources Needed?

___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Candidates for Mission Team Members?

___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Permissions Needed?

___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

Training Needed for Team?

___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

OKAY!  The planning resources you need are right here.  Help yourself!  Now go put them to good use. — Mark Powers

  • Credit: Doran, Miller, and Cunningham, “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives,” Management Review. Volume 70, Issue 11, 35–36.

Author: Mark Powers

Worship Pastor, Riverland Hills Baptist Church, Columbia SC - April 1, 2018 to present Former Director, Worship and Music, South Carolina Baptist Convention, Columbia SC: 2008 - 2018 Author - "GOING FULL CIRCLE: Worship that Moves Us to Discipleship and Missions" - www.GoingFullCircle.org (Resource Publications, Wipf & Stock, Eugene OR, 2013) President, www.WorshipWise.com - Empowering YOU for Powerful Worship Leading! Presenter/Speaker on the MusicArts Mission Movement (M3). To contact MP about presenting or speaking for your conference or training event, e-mail mark@riverlandhills.org or call 803-640-9037. I would love to come and share how your worship ministries can join God on mission in your community!

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